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Life is like this!

I don’t know where you are, but I pray that you’re doing okay. Below are some of the things I wish I had told you, but couldn’t. I hope this helps you. Even a little bit is okay. Read it. Understand it. Apply it. Take care. Your buddy.

Dear Cortana, Not always will things go like, How you wished they would, People who you call family, Will leave you, if they could. Know why? Cause they call you their bestie, You turn back, they say, Who the fuck was she?

Dear Friend, Know who the real peeps are, For they will give up everything, They have for what you wanna become! They will be beside you, On your every war, Until death makes them numb.

Dear You, Things have been tough lately? Two guardiangels who should’ve been, Aren’t together no more, Lost and confused, you don’t know where to go! Scared, yet you are here! Battling it out with your worst fear. Pat yourself on your back, Because you deserve good, And much more than that.

Hey Cortana, Life is not what you think it is, For there is more darkness than good, More anger than the fight for food, People betray one and another, Don’t care about you, Not me neither. I’m being brutally honest, You think everyone knows you, Turn back, they ask Who the fuck were you?

Hey Friend, I’m sorry if I couldn’t be the one, You thought I’d be, I ran too fast, yet couldn’t see. I know you need someone, To help you through your thick and thin, Support you and lift your chin!

Hey You, Don’t worry cause the haters don’t matter no more, Find out the peeps who really care, And do keep them close, Because they are the ones, That truly matter, To you and me, do that And you shall see, That everything happens for the best, When you know with who you gotta be!

– Aekansh Dixit.

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