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Sixth Sense : Concept or hidden truth?

“Woah! Is someone standing behind me? Or is it just my weird feeling! No wait… its my sixth sense, right?” We have seen it in Spiderman as the “Spidey Sense”, we have seen it in Superman, we have seen it in almost every super hero, but have we seen it in us? Actually, there has to be someone who actually felt this sense before and decided to make up a fictional character, and since Science proved us that we have only five senses, it was a instant hit!

Now what’s weird is that, we ourselves feel this every now and then. How many of us had that weird feeling that some one is behind our back, or maybe the feeling of some one watching us, or that feeling that someone is looking into our direction, even though we are not looking towards them? All the questions have one and only one answer, its our Sixth Sense working for us!

Pretty awesome right? But obviously, this doesn’t mean that we can pull out web from our hands, or probably circle around the earth.. that’s all truly fictional folks! Scientist have been working real hard to prove this awesome feature of our body as a truth, and so far, its all good news. It seems to me that there is a pigment layer in our eyes which can sense small amounts of heat and presence around us, and via nerves sends messages to our brain.

Since we all know our bodies are made up of heat, this might sound convincing. But still, proves are to be handed! Well, we all do feel it at times, and most of the times, we end up seeing someone behind us. Science tells us that there are different ways to which different brains of different people react. Some are more sensitive to presence around us, while some do not feel any thing at all. It completely depends on the capacity and power of the brain. But, in general, the sixth sense plays an important role.

One thing should be taken care of here is, note that sixth sense should not be compared to visions. Both are entirely different concepts. I accept the fact that it would be fun to compare those two around some time later! Right now, sixth sense, is true? Or is just a fictional power?

Actually, its totally up to you to decide whether this is true or not. But I consider this to be a topic which needs a serious lift. How many of us have that feeling of guilt that some one is watching us when we are doing something wrong? Maybe its just the sub conscious mind working, or maybe… its the sixth sense playing a role again? The real surprise comes to us when we prove ourselves that some one was actually watching us! See, the whole point of this post is to help you decide whether you want to believe in this or not.

Next time when you feel that some one is standing behind you, or whether someone is looking at you, try giving a serious thought to this! Cheers!

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