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The Anticipation of Haruhi Suzumiya (fanfiction)

The Haruhi Suzumiya series of Japanese light novels is written by Nagaru Tanigawa with accompanying illustrations drawn by Noizi Ito. The series centers on the eponymous high school girl Haruhi Suzumiya, her strange antics, and her friends in a club she forms called the SOS Brigade.

So far, Season 1, Season 2, and the movie “The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya” are the only visual treats (read anime) available for its fans. You can familiarise yourself with the franchise with this playlist:

The Anicipation of Haruhi Suzumiya.

The cover of my fanfiction!


This is a fan’s take on what Season 3, if ever made, could look like.

The Anticipation of Haruhi Suzumiya follows the story of Haruhi, a young girl who decides to have some fun in her otherwise boring life, however, what she is unaware of is that every action she does has some effect on the real world.

Read on to find out how the members of the SOS Brigade decide to take down the challenges they face throughout the “Haruhi” phase and will Haruhi’s anticipation of “something supernatural will happen soon” ever end?

P.S.: This is a fan fiction, and is no way affiliated to the original series by Nagaru Tanigawa. The cover image is made by all the photos that already exist, and might in the future, use fan arts and have not violated any copyrights. This series for the fans who were waiting for a Season 3!

If I get a good response, I will continue this series. Please let me know your views!

Table of Contents

Chapter One “Prologue”

How should I put this? The autumn had just set in and it already looked like something was going to change. It was as if the “Weather Gods” decided to play random for a while. It was unusually cold. Maybe it was just this room, or the Gods must really be bored.

As I rubbed my palms, I looked around only to find Miss Asahina pass her heavenly tea to Koizumi.

“Oh. Thank you.” He spoke giving out his ever-creepy smile.

Miss Asahina just giggled and moved towards me.

“Here, Kyon. Let me know if you like it!” She handed over the tea to me.

Oh, for Heaven’s sake! Any tea pot that is touched by Miss Asahina magically turns the contents into heavenly elixir. I took a quick sip just to prepare my body for this amazing beverage, and oh my! I find it difficult to explain how magical the feeling was. Maybe she has a secret ingredient or something? Whatever it is, it surely works! Just when I decided to drink in a little more, I almost dropped the tea cup in a shock.

“Arrgh!” Haruhi huffed out with that irritated look on her face, scratching her hair in utter confusion. Will this girl ever learn to stay normal? She had her legs folded on top of that chair. Hell, I can never imagine Miss Asahina sit in that posture.

What is it now? I thought.

“Kyon!” she shouted on the top of her voice almost waking up the sleepy Computer Club.

I didn’t bother asking what the reason was. I knew she was bored. Well, that’s Haruhi – our SOS Brigade leader. What do we do? Chase down mysterious happenings around the town. And what have we found so far? Nothing!

“Don’t just sit there! Do something!!” she commanded.

“About what?” I politely asked.

“It’s been so long since something weird happened!” she shouted.

And when was the ‘last’ time something remotely supernatural happened? I hope to wake up one day and see Haruhi Suzumiya as a normal girl. That would be fun!

She stared at me for a few seconds, and suddenly I could see a smile creep up on her face. I knew what it meant – it meant run, hide or do whatever you can before she decides to take control of you!

She got down of that chair almost in a jiffy and without any second thoughts, held my collar and tried to drag me out of my seat.

“Hey!” I rebelled, pushing her hand away from me. “What is up with you? Can’t we just sit here for sometime?”

“If you want to be lazy, you should resign as the member of the SOS Brigade. We don’t sit here and do just nothing! Come on, we have to go!” She spoke with that sparkle in her eyes as she grabbed my hand and finally pulled me out of my chair. What’s gotten into her?

My tea, oh my tea! Please Haruhi, let me at least finish Miss Asahina’s tea? I could only think about telling it to her, of course, it was of no use, she wouldn’t stop. She pulled me out of the club room, and looked back inside.

And that, if I had only known, became the reason for all the troubles in my near future. Hmph.

Chapter Two “The Conversation”

By now, all of us have established the fact that Espers, Time travellers, and Aliens exist. And no matter how excited it makes you feel, trust me – it’s not. You have to risk your life every day hoping that you won’t get killed by someone who you earlier considered even remotely normal. Take my word for it, never trust anyone. I repeat, never trust anyone. Why am I saying all this? I don’t know. I won’t deny it, but there were a million times when I wished I’d get my normal life back – but somehow, I always changed my thoughts because this life is dangerous, no doubt, but it is addictive. This reminds me of Haruhi. How, you might ask? She’s addicted, or should I say, she’s suffering from this incurable disease that makes her believe that she’ll find something mysterious in our town.

“I’m not interested in ordinary people. If any of you are aliens, time travellers, or espers – please come see me. That is all.”

I still remember how I met her – that eccentric introduction she gave when she joined North High. Moving on, here we are. I still think talking to her was just a coincidence. I just ‘happened’ to notice her changing hairstyle and I just ‘happened’ to comment on it.

Beep, beep, beep – the alarm went on. It was of no use anyway, I was already wide awake. I got up, and switched the alarm off. Suddenly, my phone rang. I picked it up.

“Umm, hello?” I spoke after clearing my throat.

“Come see me at the club room!” the voice on the other side spoke. I knew it was Haruhi, but somehow my brain didn’t believe that.

“For what?” and before I could even continue, she hung up.

What could it be this time? Who does she think she is? Why does it always have to be her giving the command and asking others to obey them? What’s the time?

12:09 PM – the digital clock on my side table read. It’s still afternoon, and isn’t it a Sunday today? Why would she call me to meet her at this time of the day? I shall not go. Having said that, I still think there might be a considerable reason for her to call me, but as we all know, Haruhi isn’t that type – she demands presence even if she is just bored. I think I should go. Who knows what she might have done this time. As soon as I made up my mind, my phone rang again.

“Hello?” I spoke.

“Hey!” It was Koizumi. “Miss Suzumiya has called for an urgent meeting. I am assuming you haven’t left your bed yet.”

That pissed me off. How can he just subtly label me as lazy? Not that he’s wrong – but you’re not supposed to be saying things like that!

“I will be coming over to your house, and we shall go together.” he spoke.

“What? Okay. Is there something you want me to hear before meeting her?” I asked.

“Let’s just say that should be your least concern at the moment.”

Wow. I wonder if there is another closed space, or some kind of a Celestial who is ready to gulp the entire city again? It can be anything! Oh man! Please don’t bring me into all of this. I want to just go back to sleep.

“Al-right, then.” Koizumi interrupted my erratic thoughts.

I hung up the phone, and made my way down stairs.

“Kyun!!! You’re awake!” My little sister screamed on top of her lungs.

“Good morning!”

“Kyonkun, you are taking me to the park today!”

“Kyon- WHAT?” I asked her again. Please just stop calling me that already. I don’t want another nickname. She just smiled back at me.

“You are taking me to the park today!”

“No. I have to go somewhere!”


“No! You’re staying here!”

“Pleaaase?” she begged. I heard my doorbell ring.

“Oh, hello.” Koizumi greeted us.

“HEY!!!” my little sister responded back.

“YOU’RE STAYING HERE!” I demanded, as I walked outside along with him.

He had come in a cab, and as we boarded it, I decided to know what I was really up against. I don’t want to be caught off guard – remember how I was almost killed by Miss Asakura? I am eternally grateful to Nagato for saving my life there!

“Is there something you wanted to speak about?” I asked him impatiently.

“It has come to my notice by The Organisation that Miss Suzumiya has been quite thoughtful lately.”

“What are you intending on?”

“You see, I became an esper three years before I joined North High. The Organisation has a firm belief that it is Miss Suzumiya who has the full power of making closed spaces and forming time warps. They have even gone as far as considering her the only God. But the problem started when another group, who claimed to have found the true cause of these constant closed spaces believed that it is in fact not Miss Suzumiya who is the real God.”

“You mean to say there is someone else?”

Totally ignoring what I just asked, he continued to explain his theory with funny hand gestures accompanying them.

“For a long time we’ve been on constant debate as to who is the real cause for this. They believe someone, named Sasaki is the true holder of Godly powers, and Miss Suzumiya just accidentally happened to get those powers from her. But, personally, I strongly believe that it is Miss Suzumiya who is the real root of the problem. As we have noticed, the amount of closed spaced reduced considerably ever since she formed the SOS Brigade, and met you.”

“Hey! What do you mean met you?”

“No, I’m just implying that she is a lot more stable now that she’s been keeping herself busy. But you see, this is where the problem starts. Lately, Miss Suzumiya has not been feeling, how should I put it, stable? And I personally think only you can find out her cause of uneasyness. Maybe this is the perfect opportunity for us to close the matter once and for all.”

“What matter? How is Haruhi being stable going to prove anything?”

“The other group strongly puts forward an argument saying that the closed spaces have reduced because Sasaki has managed to involve herself in some kind of a new club just like Miss Suzumiya. But I strongly oppose this as I, myself, know for a fact that Sasaki is an introvert and she would never indulge in any of these social activities.”

All this while, I had a strange feeling that I had heard that name before. Who could it be? Who could it be?

“Wait a minute!” I interrupted him “is this the same Sasaki that went to my high school?”

“You bet. I have been told that you guys were really close in fact.” Giving me a teasing smile which annoyed every bit of me.

“We weren’t close. But what are you getting at? I still don’t understand how Haruhi has got to do anything with you settling your matters with that group.”

“There have been a few occasional closed spaces this week, and The Organisation believes that it is because of Haruhi’s mental state, whereas the other group has not yet come up with an opposing view which only goes to say that they may be finally considering our theory. If you manage to make Miss Suzumiya stable again, and if it reduces the amount of closed spaces, we can almost be certain that we have won.”

“And how am I supposed to do that?”

“Well, you know.” He gave a rather creepy wink along with his usual uneasy smile and with that we arrived at North High.

We walked up to the club room and as I opened the door I found Miss Asahina in her maid costume, which threw me off guard for a minute until I looked at Haruhi – sitting on the chair with her legs folded, looking at me with sharp intensified eyes.

“You’re late. Penalty!” she screamed pointing directly at me.

“But wasn’t Koizumi who walked in after me?” I tried rebelling for a change.

“Yes.” she paused to quickly come up with an excuse “But that’s because you opened the door. Koizumi still arrived here first!”

Wow, that doesn’t even count as an excuse. How can you judge who came first based on the action that was performed by someone who was beside the other? I mean, the probability of either of us opening the door is still fifty-fifty, and this clearly doesn’t make sense. Anyway, I just gave up considering the fact that Haruhi is on the other side of the argument, so it’s of no use anyway.

“Hello!” Miss Asahina smiled at me.

“Miss Asahina! Hey!” I spoke “Oh, Nagato, even you are here?”

“Yes.” she instantly replied, merely nodding her head.

I took to the table and sat beside Miss Asahina, as Koizumi sat opposite to me. Strangely, none of us spoke about anything. Koizumi was busy arranging a board game, while Miss Asahina found herself lost in thoughts, and it looks like Nagato is hooked on to yet another novel this time. And what was our leader doing? Blankly staring at our table. This was getting creepier by the minute. She’s never remained this silent. Something’s really, I mean, really wrong with her.

She was still staring. This is not good. I mean… I think the earth is already spinning in another direction, or perhaps there’s a closed space getting so big that we’ll get consumed by it any second! Or what’s worse – she actually gave up looking for strange things? No, that’s not possible. Not in a million years.

“Uhh!” Haruhi screamed at the top of her voice, scratching her head, forcing everyone to come out of the peace we had settled with and look at her annoyed face.

“Now what?” I dared to ask.

“This is all YOUR fault!” she argued back.

“What’s my fault?” I politely questioned her judgements.

“The Computer Club wants its computer back!”

“So… what’s the problem?”

“This is OUR computer!” she shot back.

Well, let me correct you there, Haruhi. First of all, this is not YOUR computer. This belongs to the college. Second, it wasn’t even given to you – you just stole it from them by blackmailing them! Third, even if we assume we own this computer, I think the computer better fits the Computer Club, and not The SOS Brigade, which does not even provoke a thought of a computer no matter which way you see it.

“Why do they need it back?”

“One of their systems’ stopped working. Can’t they just buy another one or ask the college to provide them with enough computers?”

If I correctly remember, you’re the one who misplaced that one extra computer.

“If they want it, we better give it to them. I mean, it’s not like we’re making much use of the computer anyway. It’s probably for the best that…”

“SHUT UP!!!” she interrupted me with a look I dared to fight back.

“Koizumi, what do you think? Am I not right about this whole issue that we are dealing with?” I directed the argument to the third party hoping it’ll ease down the situation, and remove the target from my back.

“Well, considering the fact that the Computer Club were okay with us having the computer, I don’t think we need to give it back. But it would be sensible of us to help them if they really need it.”

Really, Koizumi? That’s what you think? They weren’t OKAY and you know that!

“See? Kyon!” Haruhi was excited “Go tell them that we won’t give our computer to them!”

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