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Until Dawn is not a game; but an experience.

The last time I found a game so breathtaking and immersing was when I played The Last Of Us. And to my surprise, just like Until Dawn, it was a PS exclusive, too.

The first PlayStation exclusive that caught my attention was Heavy Rain. With a beautiful story-line and choice making, the game was well supported with intense cut scenes, action sequences and the back-then best graphics.

Then some years later, following the success of Telltale’s The Walking Dead, which was based on the zombie apocalypse comic written by Robert Kirkman, came a game with far more enhanced graphics, story-line, and intensity in the form of Last Of Us which boosted the sales of the PS3 through the roof since it claimed to be a PlayStation exclusive.

While some of the reports claimed that they were thinking of making a PC version of The Last of Us, they later shunned the idea, sticking to their exclusivity promises. (Like they always do)

And that’s what makes the PlayStation brand different from Xbox. Even though I’m a PC Gamer, I always get caught in a dilemma over PC or a PlayStation, and to be really honest, Xbox is never in the picture. Sorry Xbox lovers.

Coming to the point, I watched PewDiePie play Until Dawn, and I couldn’t help myself but be overawed. The game play, it’s physics, storyline, choice impact, cut scenes, and even the controls, are absolutely mind blowing.

What I can assure you is that the game takes full advantage of the PS4 controller. (DualShock, if I’m not wrong)

The controls are easy to use and understand, especially when we are asked not to move the controller when the character(s) in the game is/are hiding.

The storyline, to be frank, is the real pillar of its success. I have come to know that the game ends in 264 different ways! And which ending you get totally depends on what decisions you make. The game successfully makes you connect with the characters and allows you to love some of them, and at the same time hate a few of them. The story starts with a prank played on Josh’s sisters resulting upon their death due to a fall from the hill. Later, it is revealed that one of the sisters didn’t die immediately. She survived the fall and waited for someone’s help, but nobody showed up.

Dying of hunger, she decided to eat her own sister (yeah, that’s exactly what you read) which results in cannibalism and this in turn triggers the curse on this hill. There are monsters on this hill which eat humans. And they have a weird body dimension and I loved them. (Actually, no)

They apparently can see humans only when they move, and that’s when the PlayStation motion sensors come into picture. They are afraid of fire and the only way to kill them is by making them burn.

I love the acting of the cast and especially Dr.Hill who plays the role of Josh’s hallucinated psychiatrist. It is really amazing to see his office transform based on Josh’s mental condition.

All in all, I would give this game a 10/10.  And this makes me jealous that all exclusives of PS are so breathtaking.

New games to watch out for: Telltale’s The Walking Dead: Michonne, Metal Gear 5.

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