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You be the God.

“Count your blessings. Once you realize how valuable you are and how much you have going for you, the smiles will return, the sun will break out, the music will play, and you will finally be able to move forward with the life that God intended for you with grace, strength, courage, and confidence.”

Did you ever feel like being a God? Do you know what it takes to be a God? Do you want to know how it actually feels when you are a God, and have the power to control everything? Do you want to be God? Well then, You be the God!

So now, you are a God. We will now give you a Super God Name. We will  now call you “Lasier”. (The name doesn’t mean anything, so don’t break your head into that!) You are given your special chariot in which you can visit any place you want. You are shown your personal cloud where you can stay, get fresh, and look around the rainbow. You are given a computer system which analyses every human’s fate and destiny, name, ID, what each human is doing, and much more. You get to meet other Gods. You have 24/7 food supply, angels flying around you, and you can order just any fast food and soft drink you want. The other Gods first test your potential. They give you a office where you have to control the world, without anyone’s help or advice. That’s cool, right?

Well, if you are thinking you can kill anyone you want with just a click of your fingers, or you can grant someone’s wish just by smiling, you are going to be kicked out of your job. It is not that easy folks!

You quietly sit on the chair provided to you, and you have a huge SLED (Super LED) filling up the entire wall with various kinds of information. You are confused, so you just sit there. Suddenly, a beep sound is heard by you, and it looks like you have a notification. You look at the light blue square on which “1” is written, with your eyes, and the square expands and fills the screen up. You see a man praying, asking you to help his sister get married. He promises to give you sweets. You smile, and look at the bottom right corner. His name is “Shankar” and he is 31 years old. He is from Mangalore.  You look down at your keyboard. There is a button for “Grant Wish”. You click on it, and the notification square goes back to the its original size.

Just almost instantaneously, there are two more notifications. By now, you understand that the SLED screen works with eye gestures. You again look at the notification square, this time a split screen fills the screen. A guy from Taliban, and the USA, comes up. One of them wants his terror plans to work, the other wants his salary increased. You sit there confused. You like helping people, so you grant the other one’s wish, and the split screen closes, and now you can only see the Taliban guy. You do not understand Arabic. So you look at the keyboard, and press the “Translate” button. He wants to plan a terror attack in his area, and he wants your blessings. Certainly, you do not want him to succeed, so you are confused.

While you are busy thinking, five notifications pop up with very little delay between each of them. You do not understand which to choose first. You look on the summary option on the screen, and it shows you what the humans want in one sentence. The first one, as we know, need his terror plan to succeed. The second blames you for his son’s death. The third one wants you to deal with her husband. The fourth one wants you help him in his exams. The fifth one wants you to stay there by his side while he is fighting his life. The sixth one is telling the world that you will be happy if he spreads terror. You are confused and do not know what to do. You do not understand why people blame you for good, and bad stuff.

You grant the fifth one’s wish, and sit there unmoved. By this time, your screen is filled with more than thirty notifications, and increasing per second. You search around the office for help. You find a switch called “Relax”, and you press it. Immediately, the screen changes into a beautiful scenery from the forests of Africa. You see a elephant sitting with his calf. You feel better. While you are looking at the cute relationship of the animals, you realise how dependent the humans are on Gods. While you are busy thinking, you hear a gun fire, and just the next second, the elephant is dead, and the calf runs away. You feel really angry. The screen shows you six hunters trying to take away the dead elephant. One of them is heard by you saying, “This animal will make us good profit!”. You feel really sad.

You decide to give them a punishment. So, you press the “curse” button. You come back to your normal job, and to your surprise you have more than ten thousand notifications just in ten minutes. You close your eyes, and you hear a sound saying “Gesture Approved” , to which you respond by opening your eyes. You see random judgements to random people. To your surprise the people who deserved their wishes to be fulfilled, they are denied, and the other ones’ are fulfilled. You immediately stop the random judgements. Your notifications had come down from “10,233” to “346”, in just a matter of seconds. You are stunned to hear all this.

You put the system on “God mode” and come out of the office. Some one calls on you, and you turn back. “What happened, Lasier? You’re not supposed to come out of that office!”  You reply by saying that you are tired, and that you cannot take this any more. You tell him that there are so many problems to be handled in such little time, and that people take his name for every small thing. A mosquito bites someone, your name is called. Somebody dies, your name is called. Someone fails, your name is called. You did not know what to do.

He then replies, “That is why this office is always kept on ‘God Mode’. Let the humans decide their own fate. They know to create their own destiny, and it is not our jobs to correct them. We have to show them the path, not walk with them. They know that what they give, they get. We gave them enough knowledge to understand that the nature helps you, if you are willing to help the nature. We do not have any special things to do here. Life is very boring and irritating here in heaven. You must have understood by now, right?”

You reply, “Yes. I kept wondering that what ever I did back there as a human, I thought it was Gods who made me do it.”

He replies, “No, certainly not. I do have a book written on each and every human on the earth. But, I have also given the pens to you humans. You can decide what to write, what not to. Do you still want to continue, as a God?”

Next day, you are back as a human, and your memory is erased.

Keep thinking! Cheers!

P.S: All the names of the people, country, and the story is purely fictional. No real harm or bad intention intended.

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