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What Virat and Anushka taught everyone.

You’d be doomed if you told me that Bollywood and Cricket have never been connected. Some of the most passionate love stories come out when these two get together – and one such beautiful love story is of Virat Kohli, who is the captain of the Indian Cricket Team, and his ladylove Anushka Sharma.

Virat Kohli, who had made his way into the Grade A cricketers (highest paid) by 2013, was also at the maxima of his performance graph. Anushka Sharma, on the other hand, was coming from solid performances in Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Band Baaja Baraat, and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi – movies that made her an upcoming star in Bollywood, earning her admiration and respect.

Call it fate, or coincidence, Virat and Anuskha both were approached by Clear Shampoo for a commercial where they would be appearing together on-screen for the first time. Both of them agreed, and went on with the shoot. Nobody remembers how well that commercial did, but everyone knows that it happened, and it gave birth to a romantic which would be cherished for ages to come. Virat and Anushka stayed in touch thereafter, and soon their romance rumours started doing rounds, and they became the most talked-about celebrities of B-Town.

Amidst all the rumours, nobody knew the actual truth. The dust was settled when in January 2014, the Indian team returned to Mumbai from their South African tour, and instead of going to the hotel with the team, Virat chose to go to Anushka’s apartment in the car she had sent for him. They were, obviously, the most glamorous couple in India, and everybody were just waiting for them to officially confirm it. Neither Anushka, nor Virat spoke anything about their relationship, but it was pretty evident of what’s going on –  it’s common sense.

So, here are some lessons that all of us have learnt from them.

Don’t fear to love.

No matter what the world believes in, you should believe in your love. In the strength of your love. It is rightly said, “Pyaar kiya, toh darna kya?”

The confirmation to their relationship came when Virat blew a kiss towards Anushka, who was seated in the stands, after hitting a century in a match against Sri Lanka in November 2014.

Communication is very important.

You have to keep your partner informed – always. It’s easy to fall prey to rumours, especially when you’re such huge celebs. Always tell them the truth, and learn to trust them. Know that they want the best for you, like you want the best for them.

Although spotted together several times, their first public appearance came in October 2014, when they enjoyed a football game together.

Respect your partner’s interests.

How many of you know that Anushka Sharma doesn’t know anything about cricket. Yes, that’s right. But did she stop there? No. She went on to learn a few rules about the game, cheering her love every time he dispatched the ball out of the park.

It’s important to understand that not everyone will love what you love, and hate what you hate. Learn to make peace with that fact, and respect what they love. If possible, try to understand why they love what they love, and show more interest in it. Don’t you love it when you find someone who loves what you love?

Not everything is supposed to be public.

It is okay to show off your new love, but there should be a limit to how much you put your personal life out for the public to see. What you may see as “bragging” might be “embarrassment” for your partner. It is important to sit down and discuss how much of your relationship will be out for others to see. Some people like to keep it hidden, some people like to go all-out. Take some time out to discuss this often ignored topic.

Later that month, the cricketer confirmed his relationship with her at an event, saying that it was “obvious” that they were together. Anushka also admitted to their relationship in an interview with NDTV, where she said, “We are not hiding anything. We are being two normal young people in a relationship,” adding that she did not want her love life to become “a topic of entertainment.”

Trust and Honestly are very important.

There will be people out there who will hate on your relationship. They will blame all your loses on your love. They will tell you that the reason you’re not doing so well is because you’re “distracted” and that your love “is bad for you”.

You should hang in there, and believe that your love is by your side, no matter what. If you can trust them, and be honest with them about everything that is going on in your life, you will eventually work it out.

Anushka Sharma was blamed for India’s early exit from the World Cup. Critics all over the world suggested that Virat’s game “was not up to the mark” because he had found “another interest”.

Learn to stand up for your love when required.

It was India’s early exit from the World Cup, that gave rise to the blame games and finger pointing towards this beautiful couple. Anushka Sharma was bashed from all directions, she herself not knowing how she would’ve played a hand in the team’s failure to reach the finals.

Defending Anushka Sharma, India’s Test captain Virat Kohli said “no one has won more matches” than him in last five years, and lashed out at critics for blaming Anushkha for the team’s exit from ICC Cricket World Cup. He went on adding that the critics “should be ashamed of themselves”.

“To see those reactions after just one match was very disappointing for me personally. It makes you lose faith in a lot of people. It’s a good thing in a way. You get to know who’s with you and who’s not. It was not in my control. But the reactions were very disappointing,” Virat Kohli said at a promotional event of RCB.

Kohli, opened up for the first time since the World Cup exit, after which his filmstar girlfriend took a lot of unnecessary flak in various social networking sites. “At a human level, I would say I was hurt and the people who said those things and the way they said should be ashamed of themselves.”

During these tough times, Virat knew it wasn’t Anushka’s fault. He rose above the clouds and told the people to back off. It is this quality of Virat that Anushka admired the most.

You should know when your partner is in trouble for not doing something wrong, and you should learn to stand up for them. No matter what the public would say, you know that they’re right, and you should fight for them. Always.

Make time for them, no matter how busy you are.

You cannot get so “busy” in life that you don’t have time for your partner. Learn to handle your schedule well so that you make enough time for them. If Virat and Anushka can do it, you should be ashamed of yourself for such silly excuses.

The much-in-love couple made their first red carpet appearance at the Vogue Beauty Awards in July 2015. Anushka gushed about the man in her life to NDTV: “He’s my very, very good looking arm candy.”

During the recently concluded Indian Premier League (IPL) season, Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) captain Virat Kohli was unable to play because of a shoulder injury, his ladylove Anushka Sharma flew down to Bangalore to be by his side.

You’ll have differences. Sort them out instead of breaking up.

Yes. We all have fights, and arguments. Stop being silly – learn to have a mature conversation and work out your differences. Here on earth, nothing is ever fairy tale. You always have your ups and downs. Learn to be by your partner through all of your relationship’s ups and downs. It is okay to lose an argument. Why win an argument only to lose a precious love? They’re your gift. And gifts need to be respected. Don’t give up your gift for a silly, or even a serious fight. When things settle down – approach them, keeping your ego aside, and talk to them.

Soon the rumours of their relationship hitting a rough patch started doing rounds due to Virat’s possessiveness and their differences over marriage. Reportedly, Virat was keen on settling down with Anushka, but she wanted to focus on her career, leading to the two calling it quits and unfollowing each other on social media.

Be a gentleman, or a loving girlfriend.

Learn to respect everyone and treat them with dignity. Understand that you’re not on the top of the world, and there are people better than you. Be a gentleman. Treat everyone with love, and spread positivity around. Make your partner feel loved and special on occasions more than one. Surprise them with a little gift, or just have a nice time with them. We don’t realise how these little gestures mean so much in the long run.

Everyone needs a little love, so don’t go around labelling your partner as “cheesy.” Hell, what does that word mean anyway?

Respect their family.

No matter how much you hate them, or love them – you should always respect their family, and their views. Yes, they might have been brought up in a way that’s slightly different from yours, but that doesn’t mean you go all cliched “sasurma” bashing.

Spend time with their family, and get to know them better. If nothing, you’ll be learning so much more than others just by mingling with them. Be kind towards them, and work out the differences you have just like you would do with your partner. If all turns out good, who knows, you might land yourself a marriage sooner than you expected?


In the end, whether they get married or not, we have, and always will, adore this couple. We will always keep learning from them.

They’re the perfect mix of modern relationships rooted with high values.

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