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She didn’t care.

“Yes,” she gulped “actually, my husband Mathew, was supposed to show up, but since he will not be able to make it today, I don’t mind.”

He quickly pulled the chair, and sat down. Immediately, she kept her handbag behind the scarf in an effort to hide it from the stranger. She was somehow unable to determine the reason for his restlessness.

“Are you okay?” came a question from a woman who herself wasn’t sure.

“Yeah,” he instantaneously replied “actually, life’s been messy lately.”

Not quite sure what he intended, she decided to pass. She gazed back at his bracelet. There was a time when this young woman, just like every other beautiful girl, knew the power of being beautiful – that intoxication a woman can make a man spin in. It was then only natural for her to take advantage of this mysterious yet impactful power, and rule over the gullible. Nevertheless, she believed in being optimistic and had a tendency of leaving behind things in the past. Often in the rapid adolescence, she found herself carelessly breaking a million hearts just for the sake of being the queen of the one she assumed the king. Surrounded with so many people, the next one always better than the previous, she hardly found time to review any of her actions.

It would be rather harsh to judge her too soon, because not everything in the world was her fault. Just when she slipped into the age of sanity, she was taken aback by the occasional raging that her father showed towards the family of four, her sister included, which deeply affected the personality of this teenager. To her horror, the violence only grew by the passing of time, and she was forced to stay away from him. With her, the sister and her dear mother stayed in a small rented home until they were financially stable. Expectations grew, and soon she transitioned into a little more beautiful, young woman and held a position of pride in her software company.

“Oh this?” came an interruption from the man as he found it uncomfortable for a stranger to stare at his bracelet for such a long time. She immediately looked at him, her head staying put, and eyes moving only a few degrees to make a loose contact with those of his.

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