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The matrix : We all are one!

“In a broader prospective, we all have the same features, same body, same skin, same hands, and most of all, the same connection of feelings!” Well most of us did feel that something does actually connect us with one another some time or later, right? Now, the thing is, how far is this right? Do we actually are connected, or is it just another misconception. We are yet to find out, or probably, we are yet to read out.

According to me, we are connected. Everyone of us. We think together, might not live together, but certainly share the same thoughts which actually is an outcome of something really huge. Something unimaginable. The farthest I can go in this theory is by best giving you an example. And that could possibly be the Matrix.

Think of the Matrix as a huge database where every thing is stored. Everything. Every single thing that can possibly be existing on this earth, and every possible thing that can thought of. Yes, that is a HUGE database.

And the best part of this database is that every existing person on this earth has a permit to extract data from it. All you have to know is how to do it. You can be everything you want and anything you just have to know how to do it.

There are billions of people connected to this database consciously and unconsciously. Right this moment, you are connected to it. What you do, what you think, everything is extracted from the database with our without your knowing.

What your friends think about you, or what you think about them, both your thoughts are connected. The simplest example of this is when you think bad about someone, you notice him/her turning bad against you automatically. You might have not thought about this change in character before, but now you know so try putting the practical to theory. They change because your thoughts towards them change. And the reason why your thoughts change them is because you all are connected. You all are a part of the same massive database, the Matrix.

Actually, this theory can be expanded to no limits, but I would like to end it with a great saying that “treat others the way you want to be treated”. I certainly think that the person who said that definitely had an idea of the Matrix!

Rest is up to you, crazy minds!

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