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The Kind World.

“Gratitude is the inward feeling of kindness received. Thankfulness is the natural impulse to express that feeling. Thanksgiving is the following of that impulse.“ Think about a world, where all the people are kind to each other. Yes, that’s right. Each and every single person on this earth is kind. What would happen? Will there be a totally peaceful world, or will that give rise to another kind of intolerable world. We are yet to find out.

First of all, it would feel awesome at first. Imagine that there will be no people left on this world who hate you or who will reject your proposal, or who will not agree to do anything for you. That sounds cool right. If you ever need anyone’s help, you can always go to any person you want and he/she will be always ready to help. That’s nice.

Then, you will not have anyone trying to pull your back, or any enemies, or people who criticise you, or people who trick you, or people who will always try to find faults in you. You will not have any people who are ready to fight with you, or people who will bully you for no reason. All kinds of people who are hated by others will vanish. That’s safe, isn’t it?

Third, since you have so many people to help you, you will never run out of contacts or resources who are willing to help you. That way, you can seek instant help since just any random person is there to hold your back.

Since so many people are there to help you, this might cause a bit of unusualness and awkwardness, and a lot of arguments. Let me explain. Imagine you are asking someone for help. At that same instance, someone else also hears your request. And before the first person is able to reply, the second person agrees to help. But the first person insists that he should help. The second person too insists that he should help instead. This will become an unnecessary topic for a argument.

Both the people start fighting to decide who will help, and whoa! You suddenly have a fight in this fully kind world! That seems weird right? Indeed!

That is not all, if you have so many kind people all at once, there will be nothing to prove. Yes, the value of kind people will decrease since all of them are kind. No longer will someone tell, “How kind he is!” or “Thanks, you’re so kind!’. Kindness, will become something very common. So common that kindness will not be called “kindness” anymore.

You read that right. There will be nothing called “kindness”. It will be like a common attitude that everyone shares. So ultimately, “kindness” will end even though it exists in everyone.

So, what my point was that, if every single person on this earth becomes kind, there will be no kindness left in anyone.

At the end, I would like to say that bad people are important. At least, for the sake of the existence of kindness. As the saying goes, “Truth prevails over false. But truth prevails only because false exists.”

Hope that answered the question. Happy wondering, guys and girls!!

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