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Doing just nothing!

“A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life yet.” Well, there’s something freaky in store for you in case you have lost your mind reading my previous blog posts. So, what exactly are you doing when you do nothing? Yes, you read that right, what are we doing when we are doing nothing. Just nothing. The answer is as simple as the question: “Nothing”.

If we go look clearly, our body is doing a huge amount of work even when we are not doing anything. This work is done so that our body’s essential processes do not stop, and we keep ourselves healthy and running! So, how much exactly is our body doing when we pretend to do nothing? You’ll be surprised that an average school going boy of height 65 inches and his age being 15 years spends about 1393.81 calories when he is doing nothing. That is pretty impressive, right?

That is not all, when you do nothing, you waste 60 seconds with every minute passing by. And if you are a couch potato, and spend an average of an hour everyday doing nothing then you actually waste 365 hours doing nothing every year. And believe me, in these 365 hours, you can do fabulous things, instead of just lying down, and doing nothing. Indeed, small hours get together to make a big year! Well said, nah?

To continue giving you shocks, let me ask you something, how many of us have seen those second hands in a clock stay in one position for a little longer than usual. This usually happens when we quickly look at the clock and then turn to look at an object away from the clock, and then suddenly, look at the clock again.The second hand would appear to move from where you first saw it, but in reality, you are seeing it after around 3 seconds.(This wholly depends on how long you look at the other object!)

Well, I would not go into details, but those fraction of seconds that our brain loses to capture, add up to an huge amount in a course of an entire day. To get you up your chair, 40 minutes of sight are lost everyday when we move our eyeballs. Pretty awesome, right?

Hmm..that said, I don’t think that we would stop telling people that we are doing nothing. But yes, in the back of our minds, we would certainly know that while we are doing nothing, we are actually doing a lot of things unknowingly. Happy working, guys and gals!

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