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Curses: The Ugly Truth.

“Curses can be defined as an verbal threat leading to an undefined action.”

Let’s now get inside the working of a curse. Most of the people curse when they find themselves helpless and utterly irritated due to some defined cause. Curse is just an verbal set of words which threaten to cause pain in the life of the listener. Well, that’s pretty much obvious, no one curses when they are happy!

But had anyone taken an initiative to see how far deep this goes? Does an curse really work? If yes, then how? And if no, then why not? It is indeed an interesting topic to debate on. Well, since ages all the saints and sadhus have been cursing the people they hate. But did the curse actually show its black magic or was it the sins of the people which turned the coarse around? Now, the sins also open up a new topic to be debated on. Let’s just hang on with the curses for now.

I honestly do not think a bunch of words can cause pain in one’s life. But there have been people cursing, and there have been people affected by it. There certainly had to be an inner, or should I say, a deep connection which is yet to be cleared that causes the curse to work, if at all it does.

Now let’s get deeper into this thought. When you curse someone with full anger, it causes all your negative vibes to collect in one place and released in to the body of the victim. And if at all curses do work, this might be one of the all possible reasons for the same. And as the law of nature states, thoughts attract what we think, the more negative you get, the more negative vibes you attract. That said, it can be debated that what affect does the victim’s thoughts have on the curse given to him/her. Interestingly, the victim has a better control over his life than the person who is trying to take control. So, if the victim manages to generate more positive vibes, the law of attraction will obviously come to the picture and that would help the victim to escape the curse. Trust me, it’s all theory.

And how far is my theory right or wrong, lets leave it to the thinkers. Let us get back to the definition that I had stated at the beginning of this post.

“Curses can be defined as an verbal threat leading to an undefined action.”

Yes, they are indeed verbally said. I call them threat because it develops a fear in the minds of the victim. It can also be called an undefined action because I do not think there is any action which is taking place. The closest relative to a curse so far remains a threat. A threat is a verbal saying which may or may not lead to action. But, a curse is a verbal saying that is just said. Threat and curses are often misjudged. Threatening someone means that you may or may not let the action take its path. But, when you curse someone, do you think you are actually going to ruin his/her life? That is my question, does curses actually work?

The law of nature tells us that we are the only ones who can control our lives, and we are the only ones who can actually change our lives. And according to deep research, your life is totally a reflection of what you were thinking all this while. If you were thinking to be an criminal, you might end up becoming one. Or if you were among those backbenchers who were thinking some creative stuff other than paying attention on the lessons thought, you might land up becoming the second Steve Jobs!

Taking the law of nature into consideration, no nature has given any one a right to control your life. Even the genie from Alladin, tells us that he can do anything except make a person fall in love against their will. So, if you be a more open minded, I think you can definitely not allow a curse to take control of your life. I do not think science will ever be able to prove the theory of curses right or wrong, because science is basically developed on the bases of proofs, and here, its no proof, just theory all around!

The more I think about this, the more curious I become. Did you ever think black magics work? Is it just an illusion? I have no idea. That was the best answer you could come up with, right? If I was you, I wouldn’t let anyone’s curses affect my life. After all, no one can control my life but me. I am the god in my life and I think my life is a reflection of each and every thing I ever thought and wanted. Now, guys, its up to you to decide how much of this post is true. I gave my piece of objectives that make me think that curses do not work.

Its all theory, folks!

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