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The Four Best Friends.

“Treat your body as your best friend, and you’ll never be alone!” How many of us have had those classic ‘Heart-Mind’ battles in our lives. Well, most of us do have it everyday. Let me guess, its the heart which mostly wins, right? That is not true for some people, but mostly it is our hearts which leads from the front.

Leaving alone the fighters, how many of us have felt lonely at times? How many of us felt like we were all by ourselves in this earth? Did anyone of us felt like no one bothered about us any more? Regardless of the situation which causes us to produce such thoughts, everyone of us did, at least once, think about this stuff, right?

But, if I tell you that you are never alone. There is always someone with you, no matter you see them, or not. They are there, and they will listen to you.What if I tell you that they go everywhere you go, and that they will always be with you, and are ready to do anything you want? Shocking right? Honestly, who doesn’t want a friend like that!

Then, folks, there are a few friends like that. Yes, you read that right, friends and not just a single friend. Well, they will not certainly be around you physically, nor will they speak to you normally, but they will certainly be there by your side, if you are willing to accept them.

So, the time has finally arrived. Let me introduce you to the four best friends of yourself.

Meet the Heart: He is a polite natured person. He loves to give love, and will certainly not do any bad to others. He always will find ways to do things in a polite, and peace full way. He is a hard working, selfless friend who is willing to sacrifice himself for you!

Meet the Eyes: The eyes are twins. We do not know their individual names, but they are always referred in a pair. These are soft, and emotions run through them. They help to see visions, and beautiful sights of the world. They are really kind, and often end up shedding tears as they are sensitive. A little care has to be taken to ensure that they do not cry! They can certainly be the best friend anyone ever wanted!

Meet the Hands: Like the eyes, they too are twins. They are a master of touch, and help you feel things. They do not speak much, nor do they ever complain, but they can be brutal if they are not given much importance. These are polite, but they are one of the major friends among the other three. They can be your friend and would rarely complain, just like a friend who is ours!

Meet the Life: He is the head of all the three friends. Even though he doesn’t actually behave like he is proud to be the head, he is a grateful person who would do good to you if you are willing to do good to him! He is like a mirror, and would always give you the kind of emotions you ever wanted. The secret to being in a healthy friendship with life is that, if you ask him anything with full heart and belief, politely, he would readily give it to you, and trust me, even if he is late, he will still manage to provide the things you love!

So there we go, folks, those are you’re best friends for ever! Oh yeah, I know you’re wondering how can you talk, interact, or even greet them? Well then, its a hundred percent possible. Remember what I told you? Its possible only if you are willing to accept them.

Tips to meet your heart: Well, the main trick here is to readily show gratitude towards everything you love. Once you start having the feeling of gratitude towards everything around you, you will certainly catch the heart’s eyes. He’ll be more interested in you. Honestly, he hates people who do not do things what they love and are not willing to show love to everyone around!

Once you start showing gratitude around you, you will be more happy and satisfied. That is when your heart will himself come and meet you. You will get to know that your heart has become your best friend when you start giving love to everyone and accept every good and bad thing, positive and negative thing, beautiful and ugly creature, and more of all, you will be satisfied by the way you are. With that said, you will become the best of friends with your heart.

Tips to meet your eyes: To attract your eyes, the best thing to do here is to try to feel the sensitive things of the world. Feel in the sense absorb the way a thing looks by opening your eyes to have a quick glance of that thing, and then closing your eyes and feeling it. For example, take a look at a beautiful scenery.  And then close your eyes and imagine that you’re actually there. Present right in that valley of beautiful scenery. You have two beautiful mountains beside you and you can see a clean narrow stream flowing right in front of you. Honestly, the more better you imagine, the more you attract your eyes.

And once you start accepting the beauty of the nature, you will indeed feel a lot better and then, guess what, you made another best friend, the eyes!

Tips to meet your hands: The only thing which probably can attract your hands to take a look at you is the way you treat others. If you use your hands to punch people, or to hit them, or do any sort of violence, my friend, it will certainly not help you to make your eyes your best pal. So secret trick which has to be taken care of when you are willing to become best friends with your eyes is that, you do not make any unnecessary gestures which your hands, and always use them to help others and keep them under control. Soon enough, they will come to you. And when you feel happy helping the blind fine their way, and feel grateful when you earn something when you work hard with those hands, you will successfully become a good friend to them!

Tips to meet your life: The best part of this friend is that he has helped you even before you knew him. Great, right? There are several ways you can become best friends with your life. Most of the people think he is bad, and then they start hating him before even knowing who he actually is. Please do not do that mistake!

There are too many ways to make life your best friend. I will type them later because I already think this post has become long enough to qualify for a “Boring” rating. So I will conclude by telling you that if you successfully become good friends with your heart, eyes, and hands, you will certainly come under the notice of the fourth friend, life.

Might sound like it is some crazy stuff written above, but trust me, you will feel a lot better with these four best friends than when you have to face life all alone!

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